me 2“It tastes like chicken I promise”, said my Grandma. A phase I was all too familiar with. I wasn’t a picking eater growing up. I just never got the opportunity to try new food. We were on a trip just the two of us, exploring California. I love sharks and the last thing I wanted to do was eat my favorite animal. But, surprisingly breaded shark nuggets were quite tasty. Then again what doesn’t taste good breaded?

Growing up in a traditional household I wasn’t exposed to a great verity of foods. A typical family meal consisted of a meat, starch, and vegetable. Our meals were definitely American style. My parents only cooked things that they knew they already like. We all knew what meals we could expect for dinner, pot roast (whatever roasts), steak, meal loaf, hamburger helper, you get the idea. There were certainly things I knew we would never have for dinner such as fish. My mom hates fish so much that the very smell makes her sick and my Dad; well he is a steak and potatoes kind of guy. We needed some flavor at our family dinner table!

As a got older and realized that the world was this big grand place, I slowly crawled out of my shell and gave new things a chance. I became adventurous, but not in a food sense at first. I would try things like white water rafting in class five rapids or conquering my fear of the ocean, yet I still refused to eat things like onions.

Along came this girl that would later become my best friend. We met each other in high school and later remained close friends in college. As we worked on figuring out our own lives, she discovered that food was a big passion of hers and eventually made her passion into a career. As she explored food so did I. Whenever she made something new, I always got to try it. But what I liked the most was that she introduced me to foods I didn’t normally eat. She would take me to China town and we would have real authentic Chinese meal. I learned to appreciate food and culture.

In our blog I will be writing about my food adventures as I continue to try new food and experience new cultures along the way. I believe food can be the gateway to new experiences and I hope to share my experiences with you.