Dim Sum at Chicago Chinatown

By Ann (Lai Cheng), Alexandra Wasiek, and Terres Gacek

Our group had a lunch at Chinatown today.

We had a great time and dim sum.

From Terres: Writing with these ladies has been a pleasure. What started out as an assignment for our writing for electronic media class, turned into much more than just words on a page. We are three unique ladies, all from different cultural backgrounds. Through our research and vising local restaurants we were able to explore food outside our own cultures, bring us together through food! The world is full of all kinds of interesting food, don’t be afraid to try something new!

From Alexandra:

Traveling to Chinatown, I often find myself eating at Joy Yee. According to Ann, that is a major ‘no-no’ if you want to experience the true Chinese culture. Ann explained to us that mostly Americans go to that restaurant and the food is specifically catered in a style to them. Going out to eat dim sum with our blogger girl power team was a blast. First and foremost, this was a completely different experience for me. I never had dim sum before. Everything we tried was super delicious. My favorite though was the sticky rice and the bbq beef ribs. Just a side note, if you are coming here to eat and want to blend in (more or less), avoid drinking water! Nothing is wrong with it, just reveals you are too American for the place. Stick to the delicious jasmine and green tea they serve complimentary. Be ready to get into hibernation mode because after the meal you will be in a food coma and will need a nap, badly! So, if you want authentic Chinese food that is delicious and will prepare you for the best 4 hour nap of your life, please come to this restaurant…PLEASE! 🙂

Minghin Cuisine

2168 S Archer Ave

Chicago, IL 60616

(312) 808-1999

Visit website


2 thoughts on “Dim Sum at Chicago Chinatown

  1. mlagunas

    Wow I have never tried Dim Sum before, but thanks for showing me a delicious new place to try!
    It’s good to know that I should avoid drinking water that way I can look like I know what I’m doing haha, definitely will stick to Jasmine or Green Tea the next time I indulge in Chinese food. Thanks for the tip! Based on the pictures of the tasty Dim Sum, I will definitely give Minghin Cuisine a visit soon.


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