This Ingredient Will Change Your Life

Reporting post by: Alexandra Wasiek


What the beep is Quorn? That’s the first thought that came into mind when I came across this ingredient. According to, “Quorn products are made from Mycoprotein, a nutritionally healthy protein source that is meat free and naturally low in saturated fat and high in fiber. Quorn products have the taste, appearance and texture of meat, perfect if you want meat free meals or are thinking of creating healthier versions of your favorite everyday meals.” That’s right people, there is an awesome substitute ingredient that is actually tasty and is a perfect replacement for meat in your meals. If the healthier lifestyle appeals to you, then go to the damn grocery store and get this awesome product in your life. It’s unfortunate that people assume that there is minimal protein intake going the meatless direction, but that is not true. According to, the Mycoprotein ingredient contains “healthy, meat-free form of high quality protein and is also a good source of dietary fiber.”


There’s an awesome post by Mila from on an awesome recipe that she replaces meat with Quorn. The feedback she got from her family was positive and her husband, who loves meat, enjoyed the meal she prepared. Chili is such a comforting meal and it’s exciting that Mila was able to transform this comfort meal into something super tasty and health conscious.


I love that this recipe is as simple as putting it in the slow cooker for 6 hours and not having to think about it. Mila recommends to check it every few hours just in case the water begins to evaporate but otherwise you are golden until time is up. Here’s a clipping of this delicious recipe from


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2 thoughts on “This Ingredient Will Change Your Life

  1. mlagunas

    The first few words definitely captured my reaction, what is Quorn?! That is so cool that there is a product that looks, tastes and has the texture of meat, but it’s not meat. In order to achieve meat free food I usually stick to soy products from Trader Joe’s, or Turkey burgers, tofu, etc. Great to know there is a new product to incorporate into a vegetarian diet. It’s so interesting that quorn is beneficial for our diet as well and provides just as much protein as meat. I’m definitely convinced to try the chili recipe once I buy some Quorn, thanks for this post!


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