Top 3 Vegetarian Blogs and a BONUS

By: Alexandra Wasiek

Lately I’ve been focused on clean eating and where the food that I’m purchasing is coming from. I’m not vegetarian but I have curiosity in this topic and am open to more information on this lifestyle choice. When discussed in other classes, when asked why they choose to eat meat versus vegetarian dishes, the answer is most likely convenience. In other words, cynical realism is among our peers in society. The purpose of this blog is to shine the light on vegetarian healthy options

1.Girl and the Kitchen: This blog has a fair mix of vegetarian, vegan and meat infused foods. My connection to this blog is that Mila (Girl and the Kitchen blogger), is slowly transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle. I really enjoy reading her delicious discoveries and the kind of results she gets. Also, Mila lives in Illinois and I contact her via facebook frequently for recipe questions. If you follow her on social media, you can be alerted when she is hosting amazing cooking classes. 12959539_10207418654578252_1133941450_o.jpg2.Amuse Your Bouche: This blog consists of all vegetarian friendly recipes. This blog has been up for sometime now and Becca, who’s a cheese loving vegetarian is often posting new recipes that are user friendly onto her blog. She offers a wide range of recipes and her blog is easy to navigate. I don’t know her personally, I started following her after she posted on one of Mila’s (from girl and the kitchen) blog posts. blog

3.Green Kitchen Stories: I really enjoy the layout of the blog and I appreciate how they choose to experiment with different healthy foods. This blog has a nice recipe index that’s in alphabetical order so you can look up an ingredient that comes to mind.thirdblog

Bonus: 2 trending vegetarian/vegan inspired books to own.

  1. Eating Animals– This is an eye opening book on what goes on in factory farms versus family farms. Foer spreads awareness on having the knowledge of where your food comes from whether you choose to be vegetarian or not.


2. Skinny Bitch– Actually, when I first bought this book, I bought it just because I knew it  was a solution to get into shape. This was my first encounter to a possible vegan lifestyle.  Don’t be deceived by the cover, this is a very educational and eye opening book. Great for  both women and men to read.




One thought on “Top 3 Vegetarian Blogs and a BONUS

  1. gmalary

    Lately, I’ve been adopting more vegetarian options in my diet due to all the awful things I hear about how meat is produced in the U.S. I was curious about you blog because sometimes I feel like I don’t have many options when it comes to vegetarian foods. The first blog looks really interesting to me because it has both vegan and vegetarian recipes. I clicked on to the blog and I found really awesome recipes I will use in the future! The book Eating Animals sounds very interesting and I plan on reading it in the future to help me stay on track of a healthier cruelty free vegetarian diet. Overall, Great blog!

    -Comment Posted by Gregory Malary


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