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Malahini Terrace Chinese Restaurant

 By Ann (Lai Cheng)/Category: Q & A and pictures


Mongolian Beef



Orange Chicken



Maitai Topical Drink

Opening: We began with a simple greeting and a firm handshake. I began casual “chitchat” about whatever matter seemed timely and appropriate—the weather, the busy time of the year, etc. I interviewed a successful business former owner of Malahini Terrace Chinese Restaurant, 321 75th Street, Willowbrook, IL 60527, Mr. W.T.  I interviewed him was because my family liked the Chinese food at his restaurant. For example, the Mongolian beef and Orange chicken are delicious food.  Also, the Maitai topical drink is famous at his restaurant. My family used to order this food and drink. The main objective for this interview was to know more about how to build up a successful business in restaurants. I asked Mr. W. T. ten questions about his business at Malahini Terrace Chinese Restaurant.

Questions: I started to ask him my questions about the food business.

1.Interviewer: Why did you choose the location in Willowbrook, IL?

Interviewee: When I had time off from my work (restaurant) to home. I saw a

new mall which was the Malahini Terrace Chinese Restaurant location.

2.Interviewer: When did you open your business?

Interviewee: I started my business on June 23, 1980. However, I already

sold my business. The new owner continues to run the business.

Probing Question from Interviewer: You had a lot of customers.

Why did you close your  business?

Answer:  I have another business other than a restaurant. My wife usually

took care of the Malahini Terrace Chinese Restaurant. However, she wanted

to spend more time to take care of my children.

3.Interviewer: Did you need to learn how to cook before opening the restaurant?

Interviewee: I knew how to cook before I opened my business, but it wasn’t


4.Interviewer: How many employees did you have?

Interviewee: I had 6 chefs, 6 waitress/waiters, 3 delivery boys, 2 cleaning

employees, 2 bus boys, 1 bartender, and 1 cashier.

Probing Question from Interviewer: Wow! You had a lot of employees. Did

they continue to work there after you sold your business.

Answer:  Yes, most of my employees have continued to work at the restaurant.

5.Interviewer: When your chef was sick, did you have to cook?

 Interviewee: Yes, I needed to cook if my chef was sick.

6.Interviewer: What food did your customers usually order? In other words,

what are the best-selling foods?

Interviewee: The Mongolian beef and Orange chicken are the most people

popular food items customers order.

7.Interviewer: What drink did you sell a lot? In other words, what is the best-selling drink?

Interviewee: The Maitai topical drink is famous at the restaurant.

A lot of American customers loved it.

8.Interviewer: How often did you change the menu?

Interviewee: I only changed the menu every year.

9.Interviewer: When were the busier days? In other words, when would you have more customers?

 Interviewee: We were busy on lunch times during weekdays because we had an

“all you can eat lunch buffet.” Also, we were busy on Fridays and

Saturday night.

10.Interviewer: How many square footage is the place?

Interviewee: The place was about 4,000 square feet.

Closing: Is there anything you would like to tell me about which I haven’t thought to ask you?

Mr. W. T. answered “no.”

I have enjoyed talking to you about the business of your Chinese restaurant.

Well, I think that covers everything.

Okay, these are all the question I have.

Well, our time’s perfect for this session.

Thank you so much for meeting with me.


What I took away from this interview is that if people work hard, people could be successful like Mr. W. T. I found out that he was a kind, hard-working, and successful man. He really inspired me to work hard to achieve my goal.


Malahini Terrace Chinese Restaurant

321 75th Street, Willowbrook, IL 60527






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