India in Chicago

By Terres GacekIndian food 2

My first adventure started at India House restaurant.  This restaurant is located in Downtown Chicago on Grand Ave in the River North area. Indian House has a great deal available Monday through Thursday, only $15 for an all you can eat buffet. They offer an excellent menu of Indian style dishes.  Indian food is very different because it involves the use of many spices from a variety of regions in India and most dishes don’t incorporate meat. But like most ethnic food, it’s cooked to please the soul and bring people together.

Indian food 3
Tandoori Chicken from India House


Our meal started off with a sizzling hot plate of Tandoori Chicken. It comes out bright red in color, my first reaction was that my month would start on fire because like most things in nature bright red usually means danger and in my mind that danger meant HOT MONTH! But instead my month was greeted with mouth full of flavor. This type of chicken can be described as tangy with a bit of sweetest from a drizzle of lemon. Tandoori chicken is very popular in Indian cooking. The chicken is roasted and prepared with a yogurt and spice marinade. The bright red color comes from the spices that are used, cayenne pepper and red chili pepper.

Idain food 4
Naan Bread from India House


Along with our Tandoori chicken, we were also given a basket full of Naan bread, and if you ask you can get it with butter and garlic. Naan bread is a kind of leavened flatbread which closely resembles pita bread. In Indian culture this type of bread is served with most Indian dishes and usually used to scoop up food during the meal.

The buffet was filled with delicious food! Like most Indian style meals, the buffet had traditional staples such as veggies with curry spice, rice, samosas, and all kinds of different curries. Vegetables such as carrots, red peppers, onions, and cauliflower were all pan fried topped with a curry seasoning. As for the rice, traditional basmati rice is often used in most Indian style cooking. Basmati rice is a kind of white long grained rice. Samosas are my favorite! A samosas is a savory fried pastry filled with potatoes, onions, peas, and or lentils and sometimes they contain meat.

indian food 1
My plate from the India House buffet, includes a few different curry dishes.


Now I have mentioned the word curry a few times now. Curry is used in many ways in Indian Style cooking. Curry can be used as a spice or a curry can be a type of dish. A curry dish is usually involves a curry sauce made with vegetable and sometimes meat or fish and served over rice. At Indian house we enjoyed all kinds of curries; some of the curries we had were made with chickpeas, black lentils, and goat.

Overall I had a great experience at Indian House and I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking to try Indian cuisine. This was my first time trying Indian food and I couldn’t have asked for a better place. I hope you all put your fears aside and try something new! Trying new food is more than just an experience for your month; it allows you to connect to another culture.

Share your new food stories with us!

Check out Indian House in Chicago!

Indian House Website



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